Fresh look on medical history by the highly qualified medical doctor is the best option to eliminate the opportunity of medical errors. Call4life offers services of the best doctors from all over the world. We are ready to undertake any health-related problem and prepare a medical report.

Modern medicine cannot do without accurate diagnosing and treatment. What to do, if the diagnosis is not stated or there are reasonable doubts to its accuracy and medical relevance? Second opinion service gives an alternative vision on a health-related problem from the best specialists from Israel, South Korea, India, Finland, Lithuania and other countries. Call4life clinic has developed a system of e-Health in accordance with the international standards that allows to connect doctor and patient from all over the world.

Consultation with a doctor is recommended for:

We guarantee:

  • An expert approach and high qualification of our doctors;
  • Wide range of specialists and services;
  • Savings on the cost of services;
  • Effective and timely diagnosis and treatment;
  • High level of service that you will get without leaving home.

Each patient has his own unique medical history, which we help to cure with the help of our service and the team of professionals of Israeli doctors. This is especially important if a terrible diagnosis is made to relatives or friends. In such a situation, it is worthwhile to trust professionals who have experience and effective methods of treating diseases.

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    How does our expert opinion work?

    Communication with
    medical assistant

    Medical assistant collects all of the medical documents from the patient and gives a list of analysis that needs to be done

    Revision of
    the documents

    Doctor revise all of the patient’s documents and makes a preliminary conclusion

    Communication with
    our doctor

    Our doctor communicates with the patient in order to clarify the details and current condition of the patient


    The patient receives full report and recommendations for treatment from our doctor

    For each patient, for each situation we involve the best specialists to help solve the problem. It can be family doctor with an additional specialization or narrow specialist from one of the best Israeli clinics. Everything depends on the seriousness of the diagnosis and desired level of expertise. Israeli state clinics cannot offer such level of doctors and services, private medical centers costs too much. Our system allows you to work with a specific doctor directly. This is the best choice for those, who value their health, money and time.