Call4life clinic provides medical services wherever the patient needs it for their health using advanced innovations in medicine and information technology.

Our team has created an electronic doctor based on medical artificial intelligence, through which we can assess the patient’s primary health status and provide the necessary online consultations. In case the system identifies the risks of any disease, we offer the patient video consultation with the doctor in a comfortable environment. If the patient already has a history of a chronic disease and requires the opinion of a third person or a more competent opinion about the disease, we recommend using the service – the second opinion. The service of “subscription” is offered by us, If you need a constant monitoring of the patient due to old age or want to control the consequences of the disease. When all the possibilities for treatment locally at your place of residence have been exhausted, or an integrated and more professional approach in dealing with the disease is required, we will select an international hospital or clinic which caters medical tourism patients for treatment.

Electronic Doctor

Our team has created a system of online medical consultation based on artificial intelligence. An electronic doctor is a convenient and affordable alternative to constantly postponed visits to a doctor, which makes it the best solution for early detection of serious illnesses. The average duration of the consultation is 5-7 minutes. Answers to simple questions will allow the system to identify a range of problems, to determine the type of specialists and analysis that is needed for an accurate diagnosis.

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Doctor’s consultation

This service is a convenient opportunity to receive qualified medical help through video consultation wherever the patient needs it. Forget about the queues, the low professionalism of local doctors and the lack of effect of the treatment. For us, each patient is unique, therefore requires an individual approach and attention to his problem. The best specialists in different fields of medicine and from countries with the advanced level of medicine and experience are at the services of patients.

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Second opinion

An alternative point of view or a view of the problem from a competent physician is the best way to exclude medical errors. The second opinion service helps to get discerning answers to important questions. When diagnosing and prescribing treatment in order to increase the chances of a favorable outcome, our consultants will help with the selection of competent specialists. The selected specialist then will audit the documents and prepare his own conclusion based on the received data.

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Medical tourism

Organization of treatment abroad begins with the selection of the clinic and ends with a safe return home. Every patient at the foreign clinic receives qualified medical care, a high level of service and the opportunity to combine rest with recovery. Our work begins long before the trip. We provide the patient with all the necessary information, consultants and translators at the treatment site, which will make our services transparent, and the trip comfortable and economical. The service provided by our team will help to avoid a lot of problems and make your trip abroad pleasurable.

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Regular medical care helps to timely monitor the patient’s health and promptly respond to problems. If a patient suffers from a chronic illness, underwent critical treatment or decided to control age-related diseases, then this service offers the optimal solution. The subscriber is assigned a personal doctor who has all the information about the subscriber, dynamically monitors the state of health and corrects the treatment according to the changes in symptoms. When using this service, you can save a lot in cost and get a number of pleasant bonuses that are not available with one-time consultation.

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Interpretation of analysis

Confidence in the quality of treatment it is not possible without the reliability of the results of diagnostic tests and analysis. Doctors formulate the diagnosis of a disease or their absence based on the diagnostic test results and the slightest error can lead to disastrous consequences. We offer a comprehensive approach to interpreting the analysis, which includes advanced medical knowledge and many years of experience of medical specialists. We offer the possibility of interpreting all possible analysis, clinical and hi-tech diagnostic tests for our patients, and it can be transferred electronically. Our doctors guarantee accurate and timely results for each of the studies submitted.

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