International online clinic Call4life

We are a team of international medical professionals using advanced methods of diagnostics and treatment plans for our patients. Our experience and knowledge are based on some of the best clinics in Germany, Israel, South Korea, India, Finland.

Call4life clinic offers a modern system of medical care, based on comprehensive care for human health, timely monitoring, and treatment from the best specialists in the world.

Qualified and accessible medical care for every person on Earth is our main mission. It is based on the “4 Ps” values that we use in our work: predicting the future, preventive action, personalizing assistance, participation of staff.

In our work, we widely use information technologies based on artificial intelligence and process large data sets to correctly predict and identify possible diseases. The electronic doctor is our product and it is able to identify health risks, give recommendations for health-related problems, and refer them to the right doctors for diagnosis. A patient can consult with the right specialists even before the disease starts to show symptoms and affects his/her life, which is an important preventive action.

Every patient approaching the Call4life clinic, has the choice of dozens of highly qualified doctors. We have our own staff of medical specialists and also doctors from leading clinics in the US, Germany, Israel, South Korea, India, Finland, and Russia. All our doctors are practicing specialists with extensive knowledge and each brings in their unique experiences, which help to cope with diseases of any complexity. Our clinic chooses a doctor for the patients based on a variety of factors which differ from patient to patient. This approach allows us to provide personalized assistance to all our patients. The key to the success of our clinic is a well-established system of interaction between the staff of the clinic and our partners. At the moment, our team are continuously working on the availability of qualified medical care and improving the level of service.

of diagnosis the patients approached us with were tested and proved to be incorrect
of the patients plan to get treated in Israel
of treatment programs provided by our clinic are cost effective when compared to other clinics
of our clients recommends us to their relatives and friends

Our clinic provides a complex support to our patients from diagnosis to treatment with constant assistance.

Main stages of the process of our clinic are:

  • Identification of the risks of diseases by the electronic doctor;
  • Clinical diagnosis;
  • Interpretation of results and collection of patient history;
  • Video consultation with a general practitioner or a medical expert;
  • Formulation of the diagnosis and treatment plan at the patient’s location;
  • Medical tourism (if local treatment options are not available);
  • Support for the rehabilitation.

The most popular service of our clinic is remote consultations with doctors from other countries. For qualified assistance, clients approach us from the CIS, Israel, the USA, Canada, and Europe. Some are interested in the expert opinion of specialists, some want to save money on the cost of medical services, and some are interested in the convenience of the service.

Many of our doctors are fluent in at least three languages (Native language, English, and Russian), which is an added benefit for patients. If necessary, we also provide an interpreter who will do interpretation services between doctor and patient.

In addition to remote consultations, Call4life clinic helps patients who need to be diagnosed or get treated abroad. We assist in preparation of a medical visa, transfer and the timely attendance of all selected doctors.

We cooperate with

  • Medical Center Sunchonhyan
  • Khimchan Hospital
  • University Hospital Helsinki
  • Decentralized global health network Well
  • Helena medical group
  • Apollo hospitals