International online clinic Call4life is the official representative of leading clinics in the USA, Germany, Israel, South Korea, India, Finland. We also have our own clinic in Kiryat Ono (Israel). Our team organizes a comprehensive patient management scheme, from primary diagnosis using artificial intelligence to health follow-ups after getting treated abroad.

If you have decided to get diagnosed or treated abroad due to the unavailability of quality medical care locally, It might not seem like an easy decision to make, but deciding on which clinic and further steps to undertake only make the decision making process much more complicated.

Specialists at the Call4life clinic have long been engaged in solving problems that arise with medical tourists, and we are always ready to help. We have our own clinic in Israel, and partner with many leading clinics around the world. Thanks to the partnership agreements, experienced medical consultants and knowledge of the nuts and bolts of various foreign medical systems, we can select programs specially tailored with highly favorable conditions for each and every medical tourist.

How does the treatment begin abroad?


Providing the medical consultant with present health related documents and collecting additional information about the illness.

Consultation with
the doctor

The doctor examines the documents and consults with the patient to assess the current state of health.

Treatment and examination program

Preparation and discussion of successive steps to obtain the diagnosis or treatment abroad.

the travel

Assigning medical consultations, reservation of necessary equipments, organization of logistics and support at the place of residence.

We carry out thorough preparatory work, make an audit of documents to exclude the possibility of a medical error that might arise before contacting our clinic. After confirming or clarifying the diagnosis, our doctors will prepare a detailed treatment plan and discuss it with the patient so that everyone involved is aware of all future steps of the process. Even before leaving abroad for treatment, the patient will be familiarised with the final cost of treatment, the length of stay, the names and qualifications of doctors involved in the procedures, and even the make and number of the car that will be waiting for the transfer at the airport.

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    Cost of treatment abroad: saving and gaining

    Cost is an important deciding factor, therefore Call4life clinic creates all conditions necessary for receiving the most accessible and quality medical care abroad.

    We don’t consider anything to be trivial, and hence do all preparations in such manner to save time, money, and to provide a peace of mind to the patient. Depending on the clinic and the wishes of the patient, we additionally organize:

    • invitation to the country / medical visa;
    • transfer from the airport by a car/ambulance with a driver who speaks the patient’s language;
    • assistance in hotel accommodation;
    • nursing service for taking materials for laboratory analysis at the patient’s place of stay;
    • on the spot translation of medical documents.

    Particular attention is paid to medical care and patient support during the process of medical procedures. For each client, we assign our own medical specialist, who acts as an interpreter and takes care of your interests. We help to avoid any pressure, and resolve on the spot any conflicting situations that might arise, monitor the strict implementation of the procedures that are planned.

    This approach allows us to:

    What to do after treatment?

    When all the procedures are completed and the doctors of the clinic give permission to return home, the question that arises is what to do next?

    First, after the completion of the procedures, you will receive all the medical documents and recommendations from the doctors . All documentation now must be translated into that language that is understandable to the local doctors, this is nessasary for updating your medical history.

    Second, quite often, especially after complicated procedures, the patient needs a rehabilitation period under the supervision of a professional doctor. Remember that local doctors may not have sufficient qualifications to oversee the rehabilitation process. Some might not even be specialists, so it is better to think about this before deciding to seek the help of such ‘specialists’.

    Third, the doctors at the clinic, where you received the treatment, can prescribe specific drugs, that may not be available in your country. We recommend not to forget this fact.

    We have already mentioned the most common problems, but patients may face different issues after treatment abroad. For such cases, the Call4life clinic offers a beneficial subscription package, so that patients can always receive professional medical assistance wherever it is needed.