Call4life provides this service for those, who would like to receive an expert assistance from the best doctors of Israel, regardless of where they live. We have created a system that allows us to treat our patients without so-called “medical tourism” services. It is simple, convenient and accessible for all.

Remote consultation with a doctor is a modern way to receive high quality medical help where patient needs it. 7 of 10 doctor’s appointments in any clinic includes mostly a dialogue between doctor and patient where examination of the doctor is just a formality. Key role plays a knowledge and a competence of the doctor, who prescribes diagnosis and treatment. Thanks to telemedicine borders and distance are fading away, patients save time and money, queues are not a problem any more. Patient attends doctor at home in comfortable place and at comfortable time.

Call4life clinic provides access to the best specialists from Israel, South Korea, India, Finland, Lithuania and other countries. Our company has doctors of various specialties, who are always improve their knowledge, practice medicine and are engaged in scientific researches. Our website provides detailed information on every doctor. It is important for us to make patient know everything about their doctor. Most of our specialists are fluent in at least three languages including English, and their native language.

Consultation with a doctor is recommended for:

We guarantee:

  • An expert approach and high qualification of our doctors;
  • Wide range of specialists and services;
  • Savings on the cost of services;
  • Effective and timely diagnosis and treatment;
  • Highly level of service that you will get without leaving home.

Each patient gets his own unique medical history that is used to treat with our platform and the team of Israeli doctors. This is very important if your relatives were diagnosed with a terrible diagnosis. In such situation it is worthwhile to trust professionals who have experience and effective methods of treatment.

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    How does our consultation with doctor work?

    Communication with
    medical assistant

    Medical assistant collects all of the medical documents from the patient and gives a list of analysis that needs to be done.

    Communication with
    our doctor

    Our doctor communicates with the patient in order to clarify the details and current condition of the patient.


    The patient receives full report and recommendations for treatment from our doctor.

    Not all diseases are available for diagnosis and treatment by remote consultations with doctors. But in our practice, such diseases are the minority. High qualification of our doctors and their extensive practical experience help our doctors to identify the patient’s problems with health correctly and prescribe correct treatment.

    Everything is known in comparison. The level of medicine is not an exception. You will be convinced in quality of our service and its efficiency of treatment after consulting with our doctors. Do not give up the help of the professionals – lost health cannot be bought for any money.