Testing and interpretation of various biomedical analysis is a key step in identifying any disease. The time of recovery of the patient and, in severe cases, the patient’s life depends on the timely examinations, accuracy of their detection and definitiveness of the diagnosis.

Doctors from the Call4life methodically approach this procedure based on Israeli sciences that helps to significantly reduce the likelihood of medical error during the course of the treatment. This service will be useful in case of suspicion of incorrect interpretation of indicators and in the diagnosis of serious diseases.

There is nothing complicated in interpretation of the analysis. That’s why this is done without due attention, often with negligence. Often, patients are engaging themselves in self-diagnosis after reading outdated information on popular medical websites. As a consequence, there are a lot of incorrect diagnosis and gross mistakes, that negatively affects in the identification of the diseases and delay the treatment efforts.

We offer a different approach to the processing of laboratory tests results, based on the best Israeli medical experience:

Interpretation of the analysis is being made by a practicing physician from Israel

The doctor gas the necessary theoretical and practical experience

The doctor puts his name and reputation on each conclusion

Israeli medicine does not need any advertising due to the checks and balances, and also the responsibility of the doctor at each stage until the patient recovers. Interpretation of the analysis is not an exception, as it is also a part of the well-established medical system. Entrust your health or that of your closest ones to our clinic, you will receive quality, accuracy and reliability.

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    With what analyzes do we work?

    • Hematology studies
      – Clinical blood count
      – Immunohematology research
      – Coagulogic studies (coagulogram)
    • Biochemical research;
      – Glucose and metabolites of carbohydrate metabolism
      – Proteins and amino acids
      – Bile pigments and acids
      – Lipids
      – Enzymes
      – Inorganic substances / electrolytes
      – Vitamins
      – Cardiospecific proteins
      – Proteins involved in iron metabolism
      – Markers of inflammation
      – Markers of the metabolism of bone tissue and osteoporosis
      – Definition of drugs and psychoactive substances
      – Metabolic Syndrome
      – Specific proteins
    • Hormonal research
      – Laboratory evaluation of the pituitary-adrenal system
      – Laboratory evaluation of somatotropic function of the pituitary gland
      – Laboratory evaluation of thyroid function
      – Assessment of parathyroid function
      – Pituitary gonadotropin hormones and prolactin
      – Estrogens and progestins
      – Evaluation of androgen function
      – Nonsteroidal regulatory factors of sexual glands
      – Pregnancy monitoring, biochemical markers of fetal condition
      – Laboratory evaluation of pancreatic endocrine function and diagnosis of diabetes
      – Biogenic amines
      – Laboratory evaluation of the state of the renin-angiotensin-aldosterone system
      – Factors involved in the regulation of appetite and fat metabolism
    • Immunological research;
      – Complex immunological studies
      – Lymphocytes, subpopulations
      – Assessment of phagocytosis
      – Immunoglobulins
      – Components of complement
      – Regulators and mediators of immunity
      – Interferon status, assessment of sensitivity to immunotherapeutic drugs
    • Allergic studies;
      – IgE – allergen-specific (allergotests), mixtures, panels, general IgE
      – IgG, allergen-specific
    • Markers of autoimmune diseases;
      – Systemic connective tissue diseases
      – Rheumatoid arthritis, joint damage
      – Antiphospholipid syndrome
      – Vasculitis and kidney damage
      – Autoimmune lesions of the gastrointestinal tract. Celiac disease
      – Autoimmune liver damage
      – Neurological autoimmune diseases
      – Autoimmune endocrinopathies
      – Autoimmune skin diseases
      – Diseases of the lungs and heart
      – Immune thrombocytopenia
    • Oncomarkers
      – Potassium
      – Lead
      – Mercury
      – Arsenic
      – Aluminum
      – Molybdenum
      – Gold
      – Iron
      – Barium
      – Thallium
      – Cobalt
      – Zinc
      – Silver
      – Selenium
      – Nickel
      – Cadmium
      – Manganese
      – Copper
      – Beryllium
      – Bor
      – Vanadium
      – Tin
      – Platinum
      – Rubidium
      – Strontium
      – Antimony
      – Phosphorus
      – Chrome
      – Zirconium
      – Sodium – Magnesium
      – Lithium
      – Bismuth
      – Tungsten
      – Gallium
      – Germanium
      – Iodine
      – Calcium
      – Silicon
      – Lantana
    • Microelements;
    • Urine tests
      – Clinical analysis of urine
      – Biochemical analysis of urine
    • Study of the structure of the kidney stone;
    • Stool research;
      – Clinical stool analysis
      – Biochemical analysis of stool
    • Sperm research
      – Light-optical study of spermatozoa
      – Electron microscope study of sperm
      – Antisperm antibodies
    • Diagnosis of infectious diseases
      – Viral Infections
      – Bacterial infections
      – Fungal infections
      – Parasitic infections
    • Cytological studies;
    • Histological studies;
    • Oncohematological studies
    • Cytogenetic studies;
    • Genetic predispositions;
      – Genetic VIP profiles
      – Lifestyle and genetic factors
      – Reproductive health
      – Immunogenetics
      – Rhesus factor
      – Blood coagulation system
      – Heart and Vascular Diseases
      – Diseases of the gastrointestinal tract
      – Diseases of the central nervous system
      – Oncological diseases
      – Alcohol and drug addiction
      – Metabolic disorders
      – Description of the results of genetic research by a geneticist
      – Pharmacogenetics
      – Detoxification system for xenobiotics and carcinogens
      – Fetal Rh factor
    • Hereditary diseases
    • Hereditary metabolic diseases;
    • Definition of biological relationship: paternity and motherhood;
    • Study of water and soil quality;
      – Water quality research
      – Soil quality research
    • Diagnosis of liver pathology without biopsy: FibroMax, FibroTest, SteatoScreen;
    • Dysbiotic conditions of the intestine and vagina (INBIOFLOR, Femoflor, microbiocenosis of the urogenital tract)
      – The general estimation of a natural microflora of an organism
      – Femoflor: profiles of studies of the dysbiotic conditions of the urogenital tract in women
    • Gastroscopy;
    • Functional diagnostics;
    • Colonoscopy;
    • Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI)
    • Computed Tomography (CT);
      – CT (virtual) colonoscopy
    • Radiography
    • Mammography;
    • Hysterosalpingography
    • Densitometry