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(English) Karina Tevosyan

After numerous trips to doctors, battery of tests, without getting any diagnosis nor results, I decided, on the advice of friends, to contact Call4life. It was hard at first for me to believe that you can get medical help online, but the service was well over my initial expectations. The coordinator connected me to the doctor for consultation at a time convenient for me. The site gives you the opportunity to upload all the necessary documents, analysis, so that the doctor can review them beforehand. Thanks to Call4life, I finally received a diagnosis, and the doctor prescribed the treatment for me immediately. The service is very convenient for elderly people who may find difficult to drive to the doctors, because it makes it possible to get a diagnosis, get treatment without leaving home. It’s very comfortable too.

I am very grateful to the coordinators, who work very quickly, to the highly qualified doctors of the clinic. I will continue to use this service and advise it to my friends and family.

(English) Nadezhda Nedopekina

Remote consultation with a doctor seemed to be much better even a live consultation. Why? The main advantage is that the doctor has the opportunity to first review my medical history and scheduled a consultation at a time convenient for me, and since the doctor already has enough information about my health, during the consultation he asks only specific and detailed questions about when and what happened. He not only asked me questions but suggested that I perform some exercises. The doctor then recommended the specific tests and examinations. Having done the tests, I uploaded the results of the tests to the platform after which the doctor reviewed everything and gave me a clear and final treatment plan. I even liked it more – I was at home, comfortable, no one to disturb me, in a friendly and familiar atmosphere, without standing in line, not sitting nervous among the sick and so on, I was sitting at home, comfortably consulting with the doctor. The first time I heard about this clinic from my daughter.

I am grateful to the doctor and the whole clinic for such a good deed.

(English) Mher(Mger) Mkhitaryan

Hello! My name is Mher(Mger).

In my city to get access to high-quality medical services you need to spend a lot of money and time. While browsing on Facebook, I came across the telemedical services offered by the clinic Call4life. My grandmother has been having a lot health related problems recently, and the local doctors suspected an oncological diseases.

This is when I decided to contact the clinic Call4life. They gave us clear instructions on the next steps and assigned laboratory tests and analysis. I helped my grandmother to do the tests near her house and updated the Oncobot with it. The Oncobot refuted the diagnosis of cancer made by the local doctors, and it even detected a problem with her lungs. She was then recommended the correct course of treatment and now my grandmother is undergoing it. A drastic Improvement in her health was immediately evident.

Thank you Call4life for being with us from the start till the end.

(English) Makher Museibov

Remote consultation with a doctor was not only very convenient but also equally effective. After a simple registration process, it was immediately possible to consult with a doctor. It’s was as easy as talking on skype. Thanks to expert diagnosis and correct treatment plan by the doctor, I feel much better now. In general, my advice to everyone – try, then, you too will appreciate this convenient service.

(English) Christina Vinnika

Hello, my name is Cristina.

My grandfather has been recently diagnosed with stomach cancer. We live in a small city. Its quite difficult to find specialists here. In local hospital we have been told that everything’s terrible. It was terrible news for our family. So I tried to find something in the Internet for him. So I’ve found this company. It is called Call4life. I helped my grandfather to pass the robotized consultation online. He has been told that he has very low chance of having cancer. Then we passed analysis and found out that he has stomach problems, not cancer what was great. Now its really curable. He’s having treatment and feels better.

Thanks, Call4life.

(English) Olga Anikina

I would like to leave your feedback about the company Call4life, which helped me in solving many of the questions related to my disease. It all began with the fact that I had already been examined numerous times at the polyclinics, all doctors asked the same things, repeated the same examinations several times, but I was never prescribed any real treatment, or rather it was prescribed, but it was completely ineffective. Alas, when I told my friends about this, they advised me to contact this Israeli organization, in which Israeli doctors developed an online platform where I could consult, and do the recommended laboratory tests and send the results to the to the doctor, specifically to doctor Andrew. Based on these results, the doctor prescribed a treatment that helped me immensely, and I finally felt I had answers to all my questions, I finally got good results.

After that, I enquired about the opportunity to help my mother, about her medical issues, to which the local doctors also could not answer or prescribe treatment. Therefore, I helped my mother with the consultation. Our local doctors, not all, of course, do not want to be very specific, but the fact is a fact, and that is they did not find her micro strokes, which she had, and multiple. I am very grateful to this organization, I believe that it is very convenient, because people work very hard and often they are uncomfortable to visit polyclinics, to sit in lines, despite the fact that everything is on record. Doctors look superficially, there is no full survey. I am grateful to Call4life and specifically to Andrey, the doctor, for helping me solve my question and my mom’s question. Thank you.

(English) Ramesh Capur

In my city to get consultation from a good oncologist, you need to wait for a long time and pay a lot of money. However, recently I saw an ad on facebook about an Israeli oncologists doing robotized consultations.

After seeing that, I helped my aged aunt to make use of the service. This required us to undergo a list of tests and scans. After doing them, we uploaded the results to the bot. To our surprise, the bot excluded the cancer diagnosis that was made by a local doctor, but instead diagnosed that my aunt has interstitial lung disease. Now she is undergoing treatment for it at home.

I thank call4life for helping her choose the right medical treatment.

(English) Arvind Rajagopal

My grandmother was diagnosed with cancer and has been taking treatment for it for a long time. It was fruitless, and she was in a lot of pain.

When I was searching for support groups on Facebook, I came across this ad about this oncological bot by the clinic Call4life. At the end of the consultation it gave us list of tests, we did them and uploaded the results. We got the result that she does not have any cancer, but is suffering from cystic fibrosis.

She is getting treatment for it and feeling much better. Thank you Call4life.

(English) Larisa Sozanskaya

Hello. Unexpectedly for myself, I discovered new technologies in medicine. I received a message on the phone with a proposal to get a check on my health. I passed, you can even say just out of curiosity. And the electronic doctor pointed to a number of problems that I have long been concerned about. Now, at the moment, some of the symptoms have already been confirmed. I want to say thanks to the Call4life clinic for having invented this service and helping me solve my health problems. Every day I feel better and better.

(English) Abu Bakr

My grandfather was suffering from an unknown disease. Since her was suffering for a long time from this disease, we decided to take him somewhere to a doctor. One doctor told us that you have this disease, and another doctor some different disease. But finally, everyone said there is no treatment for this disease.

Incidentally, I saw this advertaisment on facebook, about a clinic Call4life. So we decided to confirm the diagnosis of my grandfather. We contacted this company for help and they set us up with the bot. It gave many questions to which my grandfather answered. We sent our previous test results. After the consultation, the bot gave us recommendations and what we needed to do.

Now he is undergoing treatment and thanks to god he is not feeling ill. Thank you clinic Call4life.

(English) Lee Kaw Lin

My mother was diagnosed with stomach cancer. She underwent chemotherapy, but the condition did not get better.

I found out about this clinic that does online bot consultation from my friend who is doctor. She did the consultation and uploaded her previous test results. She received the result that the stomach cancer diagnosis was incorrect, and she has a condition that is curable. She is receiving treatment now and is recovering well.

Thanks to clinic call4life.

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