Przepraszamy, ten wpis jest dostępny tylko w języku Amerykański Angielski.

Our doctors
(English) Andrew Kukuy
Cardiologist , (English) leading specialist
(English) Lesya (Olga) Kukuy
Nephrologist , (English) leading specialist
(English) Pak Sying Dzhun
Orthopedist , (English) Professor
(English) Pak Dzhin Gyu
Neurosurgeon , (English) Professor
(English) Yakov Berkun
Pediatrician , (English) professor
(English) Irina Kuchuk
Oncologist , (English) senior doctor
(English) Mikhail Kuchuk
Pulmonologist , (English) senior doctor
(English) Ella Weizmann
Hepatologist , (English) leading specialist
(English) Zohar Dothan
Oncourologist , (English) Doctor of Medical Sciences
(English) Josef Hayek
Plastic surgeon , (English) professor
(English) Maor Lahav
Gastroenterologist , (English) Doctor of Medical Sciences
(English) Ilan Bank
Immunologist , (English) professor
(English) Ram Zvi
Neurosurgeon , (English) professor
(English) Elena Ribakovsky
Oncologist , (English) leading specialist
(English) Mark Dolev
Neurologist , (English) leading specialist
(English) So Dong Hyon
Orthopedist , (English) doctor
(English) Kang Song Von
Neurosurgeon , (English) doctor
(English) Chhe Mun Gi
Orthopedist , (English) doctor
(English) Dzhong Gi Ho
Neurosurgeon , (English) doctor
(English) Uang Be Gon
Orthopedist , (English) doctor
(English) Cicenas Saulius
Surgeon , (English) leading specialist
(English) Daiva Lideikiene
Therapist , (English) Doctors
(English) Virgilijus Sakalinskas
Otorhinolaryngologist , (English) Doctors
(English) Virgilijus Tarutis
Children's cardiosurgeon , (English) leading specialist
(English) Rimantas Bauchis
Surgeon , (English) leading specialist
(English) Dainius Balchionas
Plastic surgeon , (English) leading specialist
(English) Vladislav Litachevsky
Infectionist , (English) senior doctor
(English) Vadim Tashlikov
Neurologist , (English) senior doctor
(English) Uriy Stanevsky
Urologist , (English) senior doctor
(English) Konstantin Esev
Therapist , (English) senior doctor
All the doctors
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