Doctor and robot

The average doctor

Electronic doctor

Call4life has created an electronic doctor to detect diseases at an early stage in the most accessible and effective way. We have managed to combine the simplicity and accessibility of conventional medical tests with a large scientific base from European and American medical associations. As a result, we’ve made a system of primary consultations, that effectively replacing the primary consultation with a doctor. Depending on the patient’s answers, it is able to give recommendations and prescribe a list of analysis without any human intervention. Breakthrough in this area was made possible with the help of knowledge and experience of Israeli doctors, based on modern technologies.

Your oncorisk

You will find out what your likelihood of getting oncology in percentage terms.

Women’s Health

You will receive an assessment of your emotional state, as well as recommendations for maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Watch the weight

You will know your body mass index, which is better to remove or add to the diet in order to have a good figure.


You will receive consultation on the risks of cardiovascular disease.

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