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On March 19, a regular project session was held at the EECO headquarters to discuss the program “Active longevity”. The representatives of the Israel Med Call4life clinic took part as permanent partners of the EECO. We discussed about our developments in the field of telemedicine and primary health diagnostics using screening tests conducted by an electronic doctor.

With the development of mobility and international relations, more and more citizens of Greater Eurasia want to benefit from the medical services of other countries. Popular destinations attract medical tourists who face a number of problems: from the language barrier to overt fraud.

The meeting discussed issues that are facing the leading medical institutions of the Eurasian continent. Eurasian Economic Cooperation Organization specialists highlighted such problems as lack of medical personnel, slow exchange of information and lack of uniform medical standards. An excellent understanding of this issue and focus on the result made it possible to find a common language and develop a plan of further actions. This gives a hope for fruitful work in the medical sphere and an opportunity to bring the health system to a new level.

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