The past sessions of the EECO to create a network of high-quality medical institutions were very fruitful and required additional consultations on specialized programs.

Development of the medical tourism market

On March 19, a regular project session was held at the EECO headquarters to discuss the program “Active longevity”. The representatives of the Israel Med Call4life clinic took part as permanent partners of the EECO. We discussed about our developments in the field of telemedicine and primary health diagnostics using screening tests conducted by an electronic doctor.

According to experts this area is very promising. Medical technologies integrated into the healthcare system can revolutionize the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of diseases.

eHealth technologies and telemedicine in particular are already able to replace 7 out of 10 doctor’s appointments with remote consultations. This technology is of interest to medical institutions, allowing to make medicine more convenient and accessible. More than 70% of patients show considerable interest in distant consultations and hope to save time and money without leaving home. This is the future that is awaiting you, and our team makes it into reality.

Development of the medical tourism market

According to analysts, the global market for telemedicine services is estimated to reach 44 billion dollars by 2019, and has an annual growth rate of over 15%. Investors have also developed a high level of trust which is indicated by the investment of $ 7.2 billion from the year 2014.

Particular attention is focused on the segment engaged in the development of medical artificial intelligence and neural networks. Many are betting on this area when they talk about medicine in the 21st century. Big Data technologies and algorithms for processing them have long been of interest to large medical corporations, at the same time individual companies are trying to independently form their own database.

Development of the medical tourism market

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has announced investments to digitize the personal health records of its nearly 9 million citizens. Israeli medicine has long been working with electronic medical records, which 98% of the country’s citizens use. A step with digitization of health records will give an additional impulse of investments for the development of electronic medicine. Access to such an archive of information will be provided to academic circles of Israel and commercial organizations, which will improve the developments made by Call4life.

Bot consultations are our patented solution in the field of artificial intelligence and Big Data, and it is already capable of replacing the primary consultation by a real doctor with an online consultation by an electronic doctor.

We have done a lot of work, namely, collected, digitized, and presented the questions in a convenient form the that are necessary for assessing the patient’s condition. The first stage of screening, will assess possible risks to human health. The second stage is necessary for a more accurate diagnosis of the causes and consequences of diseases. Its results are combined with the responses to the first part of the screening and is processed by the neural network to form recommendations and a list of diagnostic and laboratory analysis. The third stage is the fulfilling of the recommendations and uploading the results of analysis to the platform. Information is sent to a physician for processing after which he/she will assign a remote video consultation at a time convenient for the patient.

The uniqueness of our project lies in the close cooperation of doctors and IT specialists who are jointly engaged in the development of a customer-oriented service. Using modern technologies and patented solutions allows you to achieve quality results anywhere in the world.

Development of the medical tourism market

Within the framework of the “Active Longevity” program of the EECO, our team will present a new electronic doctor aimed at identifying diseases that appear with age. At the moment, the hardware and software systems are undergoing internal testing and a working prototype will be ready by June.

The long-term strategy of our company is to ensure the effective interaction of patients and medical institutions. Thanks to information technology, we can minimize the problems pertaining to the quality of medical services, provide convenience for the doctor and patient by delivering a full range of medical services.

By becoming a part of the medical ecosystem of Greater Eurasia, our company together with the EECO can expand the range of services and develop a more advanced intellectual model of already existing systems. Our partnership creates new prospects for the whole industry, opening up opportunities for using highly professional and affordable medicine.

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    The meeting discussed issues that are facing the leading medical institutions of the Eurasian continent. Eurasian Economic Cooperation Organization specialists highlighted such problems as lack of medical personnel, slow exchange of information and lack of uniform medical standards. An excellent understanding of this issue and focus on the result made it possible to find a common language and develop a plan of further actions. This gives a hope for fruitful work in the medical sphere and an opportunity to bring the health system to a new level.

    With the development of mobility and international relations, more and more citizens of Greater Eurasia want to benefit from the medical services of other countries. Popular destinations attract medical tourists who face a number of problems: from the language barrier to overt fraud.

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