Development of the medical tourism market

With the development of mobility and international relations, more and more citizens of Greater Eurasia want to benefit from the medical services of other countries. Popular destinations attract medical tourists who face a number of problems: from the language barrier to overt fraud.

In order to improve the quality and reliability of medical tourism services, the Eurasian Economic Cooperation Organization (EECO) continues to form a network of trusted medical institutions.

To this end, on March 15th 2018, a regular design session of the Council for Healthcare and Life Quality of the EECO with representatives from medical institutions of the state of Israel was held at the headquarters of the EECO. Special attention was paid to the consonance of medical services with the touristic element of a foreign trip.

The discussion was attended by new project participants from Israel: Emek Medical Center and Loewenstein Hospital, which specialize in the rehabilitation of patients.

Development of the medical tourism market

Each organization includes several clinics in the region, which adheres to modern medical standards. They maintain the high qualification of specialists and carry out scientific researches based on their profile. The work of each institution is focused on producing results, and are able to provide a unique experience to the creation of a single unified medical network of the EECO.

Health centers apply modern rehabilitation principles and use advanced diagnostic methods for further correction of treatment and complete recovery of the patients. Scientific departments, laboratories and pharmacies work on the basis of each of the institutions, which allows it to develop new techniques and improve over the old ones.

As existing partners, specialists of our clinic participated in the discussion and shared their experience in the field of international tourism and telemedicine. The directions presented act as a connecting link of the EECO, and help to provide timely and high-quality medical care for each and every citizen of the Commonwealth.

During the discussion, the participants of the meeting proposed to unite the efforts of existing partners from Russia and Israel. The idea was supported by the Eurasian Commissioner for healthcare and life quality, Vladimir Kupin. He spoke about the possibility of establishing a committee on e-health within the EEOC, and the development of international cooperation in the field of medical tourism and international medical law.

Development of the medical tourism market

Creation of the special committee will allow for better coordination of the work of medical organizations that will become trusted partners of the EECO. The duties of the committee will include: assistance in the exchange of skills for specialists from the Commonwealth, introduction of innovations and the unification of medical protocols.

The announced proposals will improve the quality of medical services and make medical care more accessible to the citizens of the Commonwealth.

Vladimir Kupin invited all partners from Israel to participate in future events in order to strengthen business relations. He urged the audience to unite efforts for the work of the new committee, which will become the starting point for medical tourism, insurance medicine and training seminars.

Summing up, the participants of the meeting agreed to continue work at the expert level and within the framework of the business contacts.

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    The meeting discussed issues that are facing the leading medical institutions of the Eurasian continent. Eurasian Economic Cooperation Organization specialists highlighted such problems as lack of medical personnel, slow exchange of information and lack of uniform medical standards. An excellent understanding of this issue and focus on the result made it possible to find a common language and develop a plan of further actions. This gives a hope for fruitful work in the medical sphere and an opportunity to bring the health system to a new level.

    On March 19, a regular project session was held at the EECO headquarters to discuss the program “Active longevity”. The representatives of the Israel Med Call4life clinic took part as permanent partners of the EECO. We discussed about our developments in the field of telemedicine and primary health diagnostics using screening tests conducted by an electronic doctor.

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