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We are a team of medical professionals using advanced methods of diagnostics and treatment plans for our patients. Our experience and knowledge are based on some of the best clinics in Germany, Israel, South Korea, India, Finland, and Russia. We offer our clients a huge selection of doctors from our own clinic and also a large number of trusted specialists from partner clinics around the world. We cooperate with leading experts in various fields and medical specialists who are recognized around the world. This approach gives excellent results and has already successfully treated a lot of people with rare and severe diseases, which most other leading clinics refuse to consider. Now our team is highly focused on increasing the availability of quality medical care by leveraging modern information technologies.

Diagnosing diseases

Timely detection of diseases is one of the main issues surrounding modern medicine, and Call4life clinic is near the breakthrough for the solution. We have developed an electronic doctor- an online system with the backbone based on artificial intelligence and machine learning which is capable of conducting the primary consultation and thus replaces an ordinary doctor. You no longer need to drive to the hospital, wait there in line to get an appointment to finally find out the diagnosis. It is enough to spend just 5 to 7 minutes on an online consultation with our electronic doctor and the medical artificial intelligence will reveal your health risks. After passing the primary medical consultation, each patient will receive a conclusion, individual health recommendations and a list of diagnostic tests to arrive at the diagnosis.
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Doctor’s consultation

This service is a convenient opportunity to get qualified assistance via video communication wherever the patient needs it.

Second opinion

An alternative opinion or view of the problem by a competent and highly qualified physician is the best way to avoid any medical errors.

Medical tourism

Organization of treatment abroad starts from the patient’s choice of the clinic to a safe return home.

Electronic doctor

Consultation with the specialized electronic doctor allows to effectively replace the first visit to the physician.

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Our doctors
Andrew Kukuy
Cardiologist , leading specialist
Lesya (Olga) Kukuy
Nephrologist , leading specialist
Pak Sying Dzhun
Orthopedist , Professor
Pak Dzhin Gyu
Neurosurgeon , Professor
Yakov Berkun
Pediatrician , professor
Irina Kuchuk
Oncologist , senior doctor
Mikhail Kuchuk
Pulmonologist , senior doctor
Ella Weizmann
Hepatologist , leading specialist
Zohar Dothan
Oncourologist , Doctor of Medical Sciences
Josef Hayek
Plastic surgeon , professor
Maor Lahav
Gastroenterologist , Doctor of Medical Sciences
Ilan Bank
Immunologist , professor
Ram Zvi
Neurosurgeon , professor
Elena Ribakovsky
Oncologist , leading specialist
Mark Dolev
Neurologist , leading specialist
So Dong Hyon
Orthopedist , doctor
Kang Song Von
Neurosurgeon , doctor
Chhe Mun Gi
Orthopedist , doctor
Dzhong Gi Ho
Neurosurgeon , doctor
Uang Be Gon
Orthopedist , doctor
Cicenas Saulius
Surgeon , leading specialist
Daiva Lideikiene
Therapist , Doctors
Virgilijus Sakalinskas
Otorhinolaryngologist , Doctors
Virgilijus Tarutis
Children's cardiosurgeon , leading specialist
Rimantas Bauchis
Surgeon , leading specialist
Dainius Balchionas
Plastic surgeon , leading specialist
Vladislav Litachevsky
Infectionist , senior doctor
Vadim Tashlikov
Neurologist , senior doctor
Uriy Stanevsky
Urologist , senior doctor
Konstantin Esev
Therapist , senior doctor
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