Call4life services
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Call4life clinic has created an electronic doctor to help people in the most accessible and effective way. We managed to combine the simplicity and accessibility of conventional medical tests with a large scientific base of European and American medical associations.

The electronic doctor issues recommendations and prescribes tests without human intervention.

The experience and knowledge of Israeli doctors, based on modern technologies, helped to make a breakthrough in this area.

Ester Pocket Doctor

Doctor in pocket was created by Call4life team of doctors with extensive practical experience and IT specialists based on a unique database of diseases analyzed by Call4life algorithms.


A self-learning program that compares your results with the results of studies of thousands of doctors.

Women’s Health

You will receive an assessment of your emotional state, as well as recommendations for maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Chronic fatigue and depression

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome is a consequence of disorders in the body.

Healthy weight

Esther is your online nutritionist to monitor body weight and identify the causes contributing to the deviation from the norm.

Active longevity

Esther's consultation "Active Longevity" is necessary to improve the quality of life of older people and timely treatment of chronic and age-related diseases.

Your oncorisk

You will find our your probability of getting oncology in percentage terms.

Your cardiorisk

It is primarily recommended for people with heart rhythm disorders, shortness of breath, sudden pressure fluctuations, stressful work and overweight.